Phylum Design

Phylum Design is a wholesale arthouse that produces and sells wall art and home accents to the interior design trade, contract projects and discerning retailers. Our mission is to engage, enrich, and inform.  We embrace designs of the natural world, modernism, and the aesthetics of industrial culture.  A thoughtfully developed range of display options invites designer collaborations and customizations.  From backlit led panels with original imagery to distressed steel frames, encaustic and durable lacquer, there’s nothing else like our products anywhere. Our image catalog is vast, eclectic, esoteric and spans two generations.  We create and cull imagery from sources like NASA, 16mm motion picture film and original photography from the 70’s.  Careful attention to craftsmanship and customer service ensures an exceptional and rewarding experience.  Our products elevate your aesthetic and retail cachet while maximizing your profits.  We design and manufactures our art in the picturesque mountain valley of Logan, Utah which is always source of inspiration for the entire Phylum Design team.  


Chris Dunker

Chris Dunker, born 1968, grew up in China Lake, California which is a Naval weapons development and testing station located in the isolated and remote high desert East of the high Sierras and 100 miles west of Death Valley.  This austere and harsh environment is punctuated with mining outposts, rock art, and industrial-military structures.  Dunker picked up a camera at a young age and never set it down.  His father was a photographer, teacher, technical writer and film maker.  His mother is a graphic designer and painter.  Dunker’s entire life has been immersed in the visual arts.  

Dunker earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Art and Design with a Photography Concentration and a minor in Philosophy from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.  In 1995 he completed a Masters of Fine Arts in photography from Utah State University.  He served as an Assistant Professor of Photography at Utah State University.  Dunker’s art has been exhibited in museums and galleries from New York to Seoul.  He currently focuses on developing visual content and innovative art products for Phylum Design based in Northern Utah where the outdoor lifestyle and family are paramount.