Finish and Frame Styles

Our finish styles set us apart in the wall art market, and will give you a unique edge with your clients.  We use real wood frames created locally in Salt Lake City, UT, to finish each piece.  Each piece of art we produce is hand-crafted, meaning we can customize your piece and create you something truly unique.  Read on to discover more about our varied finish options for our wall art.






Gel Coat

Our most popular finish.  The water-based gel we use to seal the print creates a subtle cross-hatched texture that is completely matte.  We love this finish especially on landscapes and still-life style prints.  Choose this piece for something unique and almost touchable.




Our lacquer finish is simple, timeless, and elegant.  If you are looking for a smooth, satiny finish, look no further!  We especially like the lacquer finish on pieces with a strong subject on minimalist background and abstract images.  Choose this finish for a classic piece that will help tie a room together.




The personal favorite of most Phylum Design employees, the encaustic wax finish involves brushing a wax and damar resin mixture onto a print to seal it, then scraping it down to create a delicious texture over the image.  This finish makes any piece of art a conversation piece, but we like it most on chiascuro-style images, mountain landscapes, and equine images.  Choose this finish if you are looking for a unique eye-catching piece.



A delightful departure from the traditional!  The clip frame treatment includes an image printed on Japanese Kozo paper clipped with distressed or chrome clips to a wooden backboard and mounted in a glass-front shadowbox.  This treatment is especially effective with archival, industrial, and botanical imagery.  

Please note that we can "mix and match" backboard and frame colors, so these pieces are highly customizable.


traditional mod

An update on a traditional matted-glass affair.  We print on exceptional-quality watercolor paper with a large white border, creating the matted feel without the added cost.  We love this finish with soft-but-striking landscape and botanical pieces.  This finish is clean, classic, and contemporary.



The canvas finish lends itself to a more "painterly" feel.  We offer both a framed canvas and gallery wrap style.  Each canvas piece is stretched by hand.  We recommend this finish for striking landscapes and large abstract images.




Our steel frames are custom made just across the street from our studio!  Steel frames are available un-polished and polished (please note that the polishing incurs more cost).  The steel frames pair well with encaustic and gel finishes, lending an industrial chic feel to any room.


Installation solutions

Please specify at the time of your order if you would like a standard wire hanger or an upgrade to low-profile metal cleat.  All pieces size 56"x56" and larger include a cleat hanger.  Please note that we do not provide wall-mounting screws.  We also offer security installation solutions upon request.